A Conversation With Kane Dignum - Little Fritter

Introducing Mr Kane Dignum, or as most know him ‘Little Fritter.’ A household name in the music scene here on the Gold Coast, his reputation for producing and releasing dance floor heavers as well as his notoriety in shelling down his signature and sought-after high-energy DJ sets see him travelling to countless gigs and events not only throughout Australia but across the globe.

I sat down and asked him to share some of his wisdom, and delve a bit deeper into his life, his career and his current endeavour running Need2Freak events. We get the rundown on his taste in fashion and what he likes to wear, and finally his take on his ideal Caroline Fifteen Lid. 

Give me a little background on where you grew up and how you got into DJing?

"I grew up on the Gold Coast, living in Burleigh for a while when I was a bit heavier into surfing and then went ahead and started DJing when I was 18 and have just been frothing ever since."

What influenced you into giving DJing a crack?

"I went and lived in the UK for a year when I was 18 and that's when I decided I wanted to become a proper DJ. The scene over in the UK just blew my head off and after that stint over there I came home, bought a pair of turntables and just got straight into it."

How do you think your music taste has changed over the years after being in the scene for so long?

"I've always been heavily drawn to underground sounds and moving with the times. A Lot of people that have been in the scene for a while tend to stick in their own lane, but I've always been a fan of embracing new styles and new ways to make and play the music that keeps it exciting. Although a lot of the stuff I play is old, I always want it to sound fresh, exciting and unpredictable - I love keeping people guessing." 

Touching on your career, have there been any highlights for you so far?

"The Need2Freak events we have been running have definitely been one of the biggest highlights of my career - it just feels really authentic, our vision brought to life. It's just so sick to see so many people in love with it and so committed every time we throw a party - we have the best crew on it and it just fucking buzzes me up so much. These events definitely continue to be a highlight." 

Give us a bit more of a rundown on the history and the backstory of these Need2Freak events?

"Wongo and I started Need2Feak during the middle of Covid. He and I had just lost a bunch of gigs - a lot of national and international tours that we had planned, cancelled. And then when everything stopped because of Covid we were scratching our heads thinking about what could we do. Thankfully in the Gold Coast, we weren't as locked down as some of the other states so when the government announced that we were able to start holding small gatherings we were like - why don't we just start doing some stream-style parties with only a few people. As the government kept expanding the numbers allowed at these gatherings we pretty much threw a slightly bigger party every time the government expanded those limits. That's how the whole thing started."

Just recently, the boys announced that Need2Freak is going on tour - with dates and events planned Australia-wide plus a few interstate in NZ and Bali! A bit more info on the Need2Freak events and the upcoming tour HERE.

Why do you think so many people love the Need2Freak events?

"I think people know that what we're doing is exciting for the Gold Coast. So many people are always hitting us up to bring Need2Freak on the road because they see what they are like here and want the energy we always have at these parties. The parties are raw - definitely, music-focused and more for open-minded audiences. As a DJ playing it's the ability to play the type of music you've been itching to play for years but you've never been sure how it will go down at regular events. We encourage all our DJs to just go all out and push themselves."

Touching a bit more on your personal career, what has been the most challenging part of getting to where you are now?

"One of the challenging things within the music industry is its constant hustle and you have to keep evolving - you know you're going to have ups and downs. You're going to be hot for a minute then you might go and drop off the scene for a minute, but it's not taking things too personally and not trying to be cool - just being as fucking real as you can and just expressing yourself in the purest form."

You always manage to throw down some fruity fits - it looks like you know what you're doing when piecing an outfit together. What influences your style and do you have any wardrobe staples?

"Yeah I mean I always like to look a bit spicy - I like to add a bit of something-something in every outfit I wear. Again, it's kind of like the same as the music you play - you've got to move with the times. I like seeing what the new school kids are wearing and the little trendsetter grommets - seeing what they're up to. That hypes me up to stay up with it all and not just become a washed-up dad with shitty old fashion."

You've seen the Techno Lids - you've worn a few Caroline ones on some pretty big stages, which is nuts - If you could design your own, what type of colours or elements would you like to see on it? 

"I do quite like a pretty neutral-coloured lid. I love the barbed wire and the flame elements you do - I guess I just want it to look real fucken naughty. It's definitely something I need to put a little bit more thought into. Maybe even a slight shape tweaks to the actual hat - I sometimes like hats that have a higher, more rigid fit."

We had a bit more of a chat about what his ideal-looking lid would be. A few ideas for elements and colours were tossed around. We ended up locking in a few elements like the green and black colourway, some flames, and the ‘Freak’ text on the front with some chain and rhinestone bling. 

This is the final lid we came up with. Fast and spicy. It's up on the site to bid on HERE. Only 2 will be made - ever. (Bidding ends tomorrow 6pm)

Wrapping up the conversation, I threw a few more rapid-fire questions at Frit:

Favourite pair of shoes you own?

"My Supreme TN’s - those things are naughty."

One of the most memorable days of your life?

"Seeing my kids being brought into the world for sure." 

Your Guzman X Gomez order?

"The hard shell mixed tacos."  

One of your favourite tracks of all time?

"You know what, Denis Sulta - It's Only Real has got to be one of them - That song is fucking magic." 

One act you want to see, dead or alive?

"Dj Harvey. I've seen him close Panorama Bar in Berlin and it proper blew my head off so to see him again would be sick - one of the purest DJ’s I’ve ever seen."

Three people you're taking on your dream bender with you?
"My wife Tash is always good to have around on a bender, she always adds some spice. Johnny Depp would be pretty classic, I reckon he'd get a bit weird. And maybe DJ Harvey too."

Last meal you're having if you found yourself on death row?

"Probably some crazy seafood dish - I love seafood. Maybe the ultimate seafood platter, probably with a bit of an Asian twist." 

If you could give any advice to your younger self what would it be?

"Don't just say yes to everything - be patient, and then be more patient."


That concludes the conversation with Little Fritter. A family man, a talented artist, a talented DJ, a social icon and an all-around legend. 


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