A Conversation With Matt Ladgrove - Wongo

Introducing Matt Ladgrove or, as most know him, "Wongo." A very recognised name in the music scene, not only in Australia but around the globe. Wongo started off and found his musical footing as a breakdancer, and has evolved over time into a talented DJ and producer, playing gigs all around Australia and often internationally. He is a multiple record label owner and the co-owner of Need2Freak where himself and fellow DJ and co-owner Little Fritter have been throwing large-scale parties that have been making serious waves in the event scene.

We sat down with Wongo and asked him to dive a bit into his life, how he got into music, how his music taste has changed over the years, the Need2Freak events, and finally, some rapid-fire questions with all the important stuff.

Could you give us a brief background on where you grew up, and what got you into music?

"I grew up on a farm - I was a farm boy until I was 8. I then moved to Queensland and breakdanced there for a few years, traveled overseas, and well and truely caught the music bug while being over there. I then came back to Australia, and Little Fritter convinced me to buy a computer and Logic Pro to then start producing music. I started doing that, and then eventually I started finishing records and signing them to record labels. And then we go to now where I've now started multiple record labels."

You said you caught the music bug overseas, was that mainly from the breakdance culture?

"Yeah pretty much - a lot of my music has hidden funk elements and breakbeats that have all come from the '70s rare groove stuff that I was into back then."

How do you think your music taste has changed from then to now?

"I think as I've gotten older, I've refined my taste into something that's a bit more selfish. I used to like all styles of music, whereas now you can pretty much give me a kick drum and a 909, and I'm happy."

Your career has been pretty diverse. Have there been any highlights for you so far?

"I think running events. Watching 900 people go mad, and knowing the effort you put into making that event - it's unbeatable. You're pretty much creating memories for people, which to me is the most insane shit.
And then a highlight for me for DJing, EDC in Vegas was definitely a huge highlight, being on such a massive scale event."

Just touching on the Need2Freak events, for someone that doesn't know much about them, how would you summarise the experience?

"It's just fun, underground dance music for kids, creating a culture on the Gold Coast."

Have there been any Need2Freak highlights for you?

"Building a community. It would definitely be building a community of new friends and new family, and being able to enjoy good times with them."

We then asked Wongo to ultimately design his own Caroline Lid. Several conversations were had discussing what colours and elements he would like to see on it.

It was important to him to place emphasis on the word 'Energy' and its meaning to him. Also to incorporate lots of lightning bolts, keeping it pretty wearer-friendly with a little splash of colour.

"Good energy, hard energy, fast energy, that's the money shot," he said.

This was the final lid that was created. An absolute heater, if we do say so ourselves.
At the time of the article going live, there will be a very limited number of these available to buy HERE.



We then hit Wongo with some rapid-fire questions to wrap up the conversation:


What was one of the most memorable days of your life?

"Seeing my daughters be born."

Your Guzman Y Gomez Order:

Beef Burrito.

What is one of your favourite tracks that always gets you psyched?

"A Bit Patchy - Switch."

One person you'd love to spend the day with, dead or alive?

"Switch, haha."

Last meal you would have on death row?

"Spag Bol"  - (powerful answer this)

If you could give any advice to your younger self, what would it be?

"Its a slow process, just enjoy the ride."



And that concludes our conversation with Wongo. A very talented DJ and producer, a successful business owner, a loving family man and a friend to all.

You can find Wongo below, and his own designed lid HERE.

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