A conversation with Jessy Mullholand - SVLT

Introducing Mr, Jessy Mulholland - Best known as SVLT when he is behind the decks, and one half of his second musical identity ‘We Are Iso’. At 25 years old, Jessy has grown up and lived on the Gold Coast his whole life and has well and truly made his mark through a range of successes in a handful of endeavours.

Jessy is well known around the gold coast music scene for the reputation he has made as the DJ ‘SVLT’, who started his career behind the decks playing small local gigs at pubs and clubs. Jessy’s track selection, skill and music production has developed and advanced over the years which now sees him playing much larger scale gigs, ranging from festivals to international radio stations.

I sat down with Jessy and asked him to delve a bit deeper into his life, his career and what he thinks of the current music scene here on the gold coast. We touch briefly on his interests in fashion, his take on the Caroline Fifteen Techno Lid and most importantly what his Guzman Y Gomez order is.


Give me a rundown on how you started DJing?
“I saw one of my brother's mates had an old Traktor set of decks out in his shed, I think I was 16 at the time and asked if I could buy them off him, and bang that's how it all started.”

How have you gone from that to where you are now?
"Making a lot of mixes at the start actually - first mixes were like some Will Sparks shit - absolutely fucked haha. And also a lot of Melbourne Bounce music - absolutely hate that shit now but that's where it all started. I then started playing at clubs like Bedroom and Sin City when I was about 18 and then went and made this one house mix, and it fucking popped off. Ever since then, I've been making house music and the gigs have just been getting bigger and better.”


How would you describe SVLT’s music style and how do you think other people would describe the music in your sets when they see you play?
“Definitely now it's a lot more high energy stuff - definitely influenced by Chunky n Carter (another local DJ duo doing bits), those boys have pushed the music boundaries a fair bit. I was loving Tech House for ages but now I'm kind of over it. I'm not even too sure what I'm running now, to be honest - it's mainly high energy stuff, techno, house, a bit of speedy T - the new genre we are bringing out."

What's speedy T?
Fuck knows haha, kind of a mix of tech-house and that, just sped up."

So how would you say your music taste and style has progressed over the years?
"Definitely now, I'm into a lot of techno, breaks, garage, trance and all that - just anything with a faster BPM. Just gets the crowd moving a lot more. It's just so much more fun dancing behind the decks to that stuff too; breaking a sweat, taking your shirt off and ripping the fuck in."

Have there been any highlights of your career so far?
"It was pretty sick when I went to Amsterdam, I played over there at this radio station twice, it was nothing big, but it was a big accomplishment for me being able to play overseas somewhere. I also played the Grass is Greener festival here, it was the opening set but was still sick to have my name behind me on a big stage like that."

What do you think your biggest challenge has been in your career up to this point?
"Definitely locking myself in the studio and making more music. Like last year I stopped gigs and everything altogether for a year because I just ended up doing heaps of gigs that I didn't even want to do. Even though the pay was good I just knew I didn't want to play them. It was about me being happy so I just stopped taking gigs and locked myself in the studio. That's where I made my other duo We Are Iso."

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What do you think of the music scene on the Gold Coast right now?
"It's getting better - it is getting much better. Cheers to the Need2Freak boys Fritter and Wongo for that. The scene was absolutely fucked before haha, it was just tech-house non-stop and all bounce music in every club."

What would you like to see on the Gold Coast for the music scene to progress further than where it is now?
"Definitely more events like the Need2Freak events. Even Skin Deep events right now have been pretty good. Maybe a few more techno, trance festivals or like pop up raves. Some more underground shit - but it is getting better."

Being a good mate of Jessy’s I have the privilege of seeing the fits this man puts together when he takes on a night out. 

You pay attention to what you wear when you go out, do you have any wardrobe staples or an ideology when choosing what you wear?
"When I go out I'm always rocking a plain ‘Pro Club' tee - thick collars - I love them. I have about every colour in the tees, also have about every colour in my connies (Converse). I like matching my fits - most of the time matching my connies with my shirt. I also like wearing grungey shit - we got the new Caroline Fifteen hats coming in I rate. I'm wearing one right now as we're doing this interview - the OG one actually, the first one ever made."

So what would you say your style is?
"Style-wise, probably just chilled haha I hate wearing tight shit, I like to wear baggy things and feel nice and comfortable." 

You've seen the Techno Lids - I'm going to be making a 1 of 1 Lid which you have designed. What elements would you like to see in your dream lid?
"It would have to be a dark forest green for sure. I want to have a cobra on it - on the back of it. Because I love snakes, I've had a few pet snakes in my life - I've got one now named Lenny. And yeah just do it up real nice. I like the barbed wire elements too. 

This is the lid that was put together through Jessy’s influence - think this one is cool as shit. You can go snag it on the main site. Only 2 will be made, ever.


To finish off the chat with Jessy I threw a few semi-rapid fire questions at him.

Favourite pair of shoes you own?
"Faaark gotta be all my connies, can't choose a colour."

Most memorable day of your life so far?
"When I went to Egypt and walked through the pyramids."

What’s your order from Guzman Y Gomez?
"Chicken burrito bowl, sour cream, extra chicken, and you get the large guac on the side cause they put fuck all guac on it - so you have to get the large guac on the side." (respectable power play this)

One of your favourite songs of all time?
"Shooting Stars, Bag Raiders."

Wheels or doors?

Three people you're taking on your dream bender with you - dead or alive?
"Charlie sheen. Just me and Charlie."

Meal if you were on death row?
"Guzman chicken burrito bowl."

If you could have given any advice to your younger self what would it be?
"Stop playing tech house haha - but Nah, put your head down and grind for sure, because it does come to you if you put the work into it."


And that concludes the conversation with Mr Jessy Mullholand ladies and gents. A talented man and an upstanding bloke. 
Where to listen to him and his socials will be linked below. His 1 of 1 designed lid will also be up on the site at the same time this article is published, so get in quick if it looks like your flavour.



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